My name is Gabriella Balázs, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator.
I obtained my degree in graphic design at the KREA Design School in 2009. 
I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember. As a child, I asked for colorful pencils as a gift for every occasion to collect as many tones as possible. My passion for colors has persisted ever since. I love creating in a tangle of colors, it fills me with energy every day. My enthusiasm for drawing had a strong influence on my career choice, guiding me to the field of graphics. 
After finishing the KREA Design School, I started to work at an advertising agency. I had the opportunity to work on many big brands and gain experience in several types of graphic design such as visual identity, packaging, publication design and illustration. I want to make the best out of every assignment. That is why I’m happy if I can create a truly unique and lasting value like a successful brand together with my clients.